Tips From Your Trusted Flooring Specialist

Love Your Pets but Hate the Scratches? Find the Perfect Flooring!

So, you’re passionate about your pets but equally keen on the elegant aesthetic of hardwood flooring. You might be wondering if these two can coexist in the same living space. Good news: they can! As a trusted flooring specialist in town, we’ll reveal how hardwood floors and pets can harmoniously share your home. Keep reading!

Selecting the Right Type of Hardwood

The key to a scratch-free experience begins with choosing the appropriate hardwood. Go for options like oak, cherry, or maple, which are known for their durability. These types of wood are less prone to the wear and tear that pets can cause, offering you a blend of style and resilience.

Finish Matters

Another important aspect to consider is the type of finish on your hardwood flooring. A quality finish can act as a protective shield, reducing the potential for scratches and scuffs. In most cases, a matte finish is recommended for homes with pets. It’s not too glossy, hiding minor scratches better than a high-gloss finish would.

Regular Maintenance is Key

Routine care can go a long way in maintaining the integrity of your hardwood floors. Simple actions, like keeping your pet’s nails trimmed and sweeping the floor regularly, can make a big difference. It will help in reducing the potential for scratching and keeping your floors looking new for years.

Consider Area Rugs

To further protect your hardwood floors, think about adding area rugs or mats in high-traffic zones. They serve as an additional layer of protection against scratches and offer your pets a comfy spot to rest. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your pet.

Pet-Friendly Hardwood Cleaning Products

When accidents happen, it’s important to act quickly. Using pet-friendly cleaning products ensures that the finish on your hardwood floors isn’t compromised. There are a multitude of products designed to tackle pet stains and odors without damaging the wood.

Make the dream of stunning hardwood floors in a pet-friendly home a reality with the help of a trusted flooring specialist like Morningstar Hardwood Floor and Carpet LLC. We offer quality flooring services in Silver Spring, MD to ensure that you’d get the most out of your flooring. To book our services, just call (240) 213-0431!

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